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[Webinar] Turn Your Practice into a Referral Magnet

Ultrasound is a standard of care diagnostic in veterinary medicine, yet most veterinary professionals are uncomfortable performing and interpreting scans. This means that ultrasound is often underutilized, leading to missed clinical insights, long delays in life-saving diagnostic information, and lost income. Virtual ultrasound is helping practices overcome these common obstacles – and see increased referral volume.

In this webinar, learn how one general practice went from performing occasional scans to becoming a referral hotspot when they started using virtual ultrasound. Dr. Michael Berman from Animal Hospital at Grayhawk will share how virtual ultrasound has empowered him (and his team) to perform ultrasound efficiently and confidently - turning his hospital into a referral magnet and bringing in new patients from across the region.

Key concepts to be explored include:

  • How to get past common ultrasound roadblocks by going virtual
  • How virtual ultrasound empowers veterinary teams to use ultrasound more often and effectively
  • Behind-the-scenes look at how a busy general practice hospital incorporates ultrasound into their typical day
  • Real-world case study highlight


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