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[Webinar] Leptospirosis on the Rise: Current Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies to Stay Ahead

Leptospirosis is known to be more prevalent in warmer climates and warmer seasons. With record-breaking temperatures in many areas, veterinarians are reporting seeing increased instances of this zoonotic disease in canine patients. Due to its historical rarity, however, most clinics are not well versed in diagnosing and treating this potentially deadly infection.

In this webinar, Cheryl Wood, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM), CVA presents the most current knowledge on leptospirosis to help you and your team stay one step ahead of this rising threat. From presentation through treatment, Dr. Wood shares strategies to diagnose and manage this disease effectively.

Key Takeaways Include:
• Leptospirosis overview and mechanism of transmission
• Common presentations as well as atypical signs
• Tips for increasing diagnostic proficiency
• General treatment recommendations based on severity
• Leptospirosis prevention strategies for clients
• Case presentation


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