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Why Cancer Care Should Be Offered to Pet Owners

Posted by Oncura Partners on Sep 21, 2016 10:41:55 AM


Many clients struggle with the decision to treat their pets after a cancer diagnosis. Their decisions can be complicated by the need to travel to outside specialists. As a veterinarian, you may wish you could offer clients a solution that allows you to continue to take a lead role in their pets' treatments at your clinic. However, case management can be difficult in a regular clinic and you may have reservations about whether you can safely offer the best cancer care using chemotherapy drugs. Oncura Partners Online Cancer Management System offers solutions.

You should offer cancer care to your clients because Oncura Partners Online Cancer Management System can provide:

    • Cancer care that you and your clients can have confidence in. We are leaders in cancer treatment. You can assure your clients that their pets will receive comprehensive care using the best treatments available. Our board certified oncologists will customize plans for each of your patients and will help you navigate through case management, ensuring that you are prepared to deal with potential side effects and emergencies.

    • A local solution for your clients. Our system eliminates the need for clients to travel with their pets to outside specialists. Your clients will appreciate your efforts to treat their pets in a familiar and local setting.

    • A solution to your safety concerns. We eliminate your concerns about chemotherapy drugs. Pre-mixed unit-dosed drugs will be delivered to your clinic for each step of treatment. Safety equipment needed to administer the drugs will be sent with each order. There will be minimal to no hazardous waste. Also, because you will not need to keep an inventory, you will not have to worry about drug expiration.

  • New revenue generation from your existing clients. Almost 40% of pets develop cancer at some point in their lives and cancer care can deliver the highest medical revenues.

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