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Extending Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

Posted by Oncura Partners on Sep 21, 2016 11:02:46 AM


Pet owners are often hesitant to begin cancer treatment out of concern for their pet's quality of life. Your clients may have witnessed the effects of cancer on a relative or friend and may associate cancer treatment with pain and discomfort. In fact, clients can be reassured that extending quality of life is the fundamental reason for treating cancer in a beloved pet.

There are several key factors that help to extend quality of life. Oncura Partners Online Cancer Management System closely addresses each of these:

  • Minimize adverse treatment side effects. Chemotherapy protocols for pet patients are designed to fight cancer while minimizing the risks of side effects, such as diarrhea and vomiting. Managing treatment side effects is critical and can mean the difference between completing and not completing a treatment protocol. If patients seem unusually sick during treatment, our board certified oncologists help you determine whether supplemental medication is needed or treatment protocols should be changed.
  • Maintain appetite, prevent malnutrition. Minimizing side effects helps to maintain a patient's appetite so that they can eat a high quality diet. Providing patients with a high quality diet helps to prevent cancer cachexia and improves outcomes and quality of life. High quality diets for cancer patients generally consist of small amounts of complex carbohydrates, minimal quantities of rapidly absorbed simple sugars, modest amounts of high quality digestible proteins, and high amounts of unsaturated fats and omega-3/DHA fatty acids. Omega-3-fatty acids (included in the diet or as supplements) can slow cancer growth, increase treatment efficacy, and reduce chemotherapy or cancer side effects. Oncura Partners oncologists can recommend diets that meet your patients' needs.
  • Maintain happy, comfortable patients and clients. Patient and client comfort is paramount and can influence treatment outcomes. Oncura Partners believes patients should never be in pain. Because each patient's response to treatment is different, each patient's care is individualized. Owners are encouraged to report behaviour changes, which are often the best indicators of a pet's comfort level. Using Oncura Partners Online Cancer Management System to treat your patients in your own clinic gives your clients the benefit of working closely with you, their regular veterinarian, with whom they already have a strong bond.

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